In purchasing artwork, there are understandably layers involved in terms of what people are comfortable spending. From the start, I’ve attempted to keep the entry level for original works as low as possible, in order to allow people to start collecting without committing to many thousands of pounds.

These artworks have always sold more regularly for obvious reasons, however despite my best efforts there has always seemed to be a slight barrier when it comes to contacting the myself directly. Whilst direct contact will remain the method ( and rightly so) for larger original works, we are happy to start offering smaller works for sale here, grouped together, and available to purchase direct from the website. We are always happy to receive messages about the work, either to myself or the team, however offering a selection via the website aims to remove any hassle and make the process that wee bit easier for you. After any purchase, one of the team will contact you directly to arrange collection or delivery……whichever suits best.

Small Original Artworks

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