In our new sculpture collection for 2020 we have two finished items; ‘Girl With A Flag’, completed in 2019 and finally available to purchase; ‘Seated Minotaur’, completed during lockdown in 2020. As a consequence of the extra time in the studio, I simply couldn’t spend all my time working with oil paint, and found myself diversifying into areas such as drawings and sculptures.

The Minotaur featured in my summer show, and the response to the videos shared presented an opportunity; the work was offered for sale as a pre-order, the money from which allowed me to bronze and finish it.

As well as the finished items, we have preview’s of upcoming sculptural works; one on the ballet theme, entitled ‘Little Dancer’, and one from my more hard edged urban theme, entitled ‘Ordinary Angel’. Looking forward, these new sculptures are the beginning of what I expect to be a major feature of my artistic output.


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